HTML5 Banners, Facebook Integration & GPS Advertising - 2012 Predictions

By Oliver Liebscher on 02/01/2011

My predictions for the world of advertising in 2012:

Facebook Integration

How useful would it be if you were able to detect age, gender, hobbies, etc for your customers as they browse your website? You could taylor your site to each individual, for example if you have a clothing store as the user enters the website you detect (through their Facebook details) that this particular customer is 25 years old, male and enjoys football - all of the promotions or advertising that individual is shown are targeted and relevant to him. The customer is happy because they're seeing promotions they're actually interested in and the store is happy because the customer is more likely to find something they want.

Facebook would benefit as it's encouraging the 'social web' they're always promoting, of course purchases made or possibly even browsing history would be posted to your Facebook wall. Plus what type of website wouldn't find this useful? E-commerce, news, blogs, video websites - you name it. Google analytics is great for location, language, new vs returning, etc but you don't know any personal information

My only doubt about the depth of Facebook integration is if this would be a breach of their user terms and conditions, but in all honesty Facebook is so powerful i'm sure they'd be able to pull it off.

HTML5 Banners

Flash is dead. Well it still retains a high market share in banner advertising but it's just a matter of time. Flash isn't supported by iOS which is a bad thing when mobile internet usage is set to overtake desktop usage within five years. So what's the replacement? My prediction is HTML5 banner ads - they're smaller file sizes (better for mobile usage), more accessible than flash, don't require plugin support and can include SVG (scalable vector graphics) which can make the banner responsive to display well on all devices.

The only drawbacks I can currently see is the industry catching up with the technology, it will require a whole new skill set to understand the way banners will have to be coded - hopefully tools like Google Swiffy and Adobe Edge will make this easier.

GPS Advertising

Offline, location-based advertising tailored towards you. For example, you walk past a shop in the high street the shop can detect that you are within twenty meters and sends you a specific offer - two for one widgets today inside XYZ store!

Although it sounds very big brother I think it would be useful if you build a profile for yourself - interests, or specific shops or types of shops you'd like to hear from. Obviously it would be opt-in otherwise i'm sure it would send users crazy. Look at the success of check-in apps like Foursquare and businesses incentivising checking-in at their location.

Will any of these predictions come true? Have a missed a blindingly obvious reason these wouldn't work? Let me know in the comments.