5 Tips for Creating Flash Banners

By Oliver Liebscher on 01/05/2012

1. Call to Action

Having a good call to action button is essential, it tells the user what you want them to do - buy now, read more, play now, etc. This Bwin flash banner is a great example

2. Interaction

According to Google flash banners can expect only a 0.09% CTR interactive flash banners have a 2.5% interaction level. Although the CTR is fairly similar (0.10% for interactive banners) the interaction level is massively higher, something that may not lead to direct sales but increases brand awareness.

3. Animation

The theory is flashing banner catches the users eye - this must lead to more clicks? Not true. This report from the Google DoubleClick network actually shows a higher CTR (Click through rate) for static banners over animated banners - 0.10% against 0.09% respectively. However with an animated banner you can display more information to the user - you may be giving them information without needing them to click, for example 'latest film, out now!'

4. Avoid hated advertising techniques

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen has compiled a list of most hated advertising techniques. Based on a large amount of primary research and written by one very clever guy, make sure you don't fall for any of them!

5. Honesty

Unethical designs such as fake system alerts, windows, etc are effective, however these are, unsurprisingly banned by Google Adwords. Marketing won't be effective if you don't have the product/price/promotion, don't insult your users intelligence by trying to trick them into clicking your ad.